Oo, La, La, La Sentence Building

Published by Sara Chigani on: Apr 07, 2021 — Music Therapy

Our wonderful music therapist Gina Glidewell, wrote an awesome song called, “Oo, La, La, La”. If you haven’t heard it yet please be sure to take a listen to it below. I love this song because not only is it so versatile in sessions, but it is so remarkably catchy! Most of the song is about different objects and people that the singer sees, but then incorporates a super catchy chorus with the sounds, you guessed it, “oo, la, la, la”, which is always a favorite part with my clients. One of my clients is working on answering in complete sentences and I thought this song would be perfect. I created a Boom Card with the main question being “What do you see?”. I then put a picture of what is talked about in the lyrics and then 4 blank boxes at the bottom and the response. The client is to then organize those response words to make a complete sentence, for example, “I see a dog”. This intervention was a hit because not only did it bring my client’s attention back to the screen, after a moment of distraction, but it was interactive and almost like a game for the client. Instead of answering with one-word responses, the client was able to sound out each word and verbalize the entire sentence. After each verse I incorporated a slide with the words “oo, la, la, la” which we both sing together and is a good “breather” moment before focusing on the next verse. If you are working on building sentences with your clients, I really hope you give this a try as it was a big hit for my client. Below is the Boom Card link and the original song by Gina. Let us know how it works in your sessions and if you have any issues accessing the Boom Card or have any questions!

Boom Card Link: https://boom.cards/fastplay/krxej

*Please use krxej if the link asks you for a PIN

Listen to "Oo, La, La, La" here: https://www.kidlinks.org/songs/oo-la-la-la

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC


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