About our Programs

Music Therapy

Our Board-Certified Music Therapists provide weekly telehealth and direct therapy services to youth ages 2-18 years old. The therapist assesses the strengths and needs of each child and creates an individualized treatment plan which uses music to address areas of cognition, physical, communication, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

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Therapeutic Music Entertainment

Our musicians provide direct therapeutic music performances at hospitals and special care centers throughout the DFW area. Whenever in-person visits are not possible, we also offer virtual programs, including “at-home” live streaming, virtual concerts, and engaging media.

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Social-Emotional Skills

The S-ES platform is a customized music resource to aid clinicians and families in the development of coping and social skills through music and media. In many clinical settings, children can often go at least two weeks between sessions with their clinician, and during this time, can lose progress. A creative and engaging song which encourages repetition of skills learned in a therapy session can aid in social-emotional development.

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