Welcome to our Music Therapy Resource Room

As scientific and anecdotal evidence grows about the therapeutic benefits of music, there will be an increased need for resources which support professionals in providing healing, hope and happiness for children in their care.

The KidLinks Music Therapy Resource Room is a place to exchange information, concepts and successful methods between Music Therapists. It is a virtual library of resources that Music Therapists, Therapeutic Music Entertainers, Educators and Parents can access when looking for new ideas, techniques and content.

Moments in Music Therapy

We have created a hub for video clips of Music Therapists working with their clients. New videos are added frequently - Email us to share one of yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find them here. We will continue to post questions and answers as we get them.

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Additional Music Therapy Resources

Our Music Therapists have composed original songs meant for use in a clinical setting. These songs are accompanied by videos, worksheets, articles and blog posts, all intended to help you provide healing to children