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Over the decades we’ve lived our mission by providing Therapeutic Music Entertainment at hundreds of hospitals and special care centers – bringing a bit of hope and fun wherever we’ve gone. We’ve also done this by providing individualized Music Therapy for children in need – making a big difference in the way some special kids learn, move and communicate.

But we’ve always wanted to do more. Children should have access to the healing power of music anytime, anywhere. And for those adults who love and care for these children, they too should be able to learn about and experience the therapeutic benefits of music.

KidLinks is Award-Winning

Since that first smile more than 30 years ago, we’ve made thousands of visits to children’s hospitals, special care centers and medical camps across the country. More than 130,000 of our cassettes, CDs and songbooks have been distributed across the world. And several of our productions have received prestigious recognition including Parents’ Choice Awards, Omni Intermedia Silver Awards, and Telly Awards.

But most importantly…

  • We’ve helped Fiona relax and sleep before chemotherapy
  • We’ve made Josh laugh so hard he cried
  • We’ve helped Mary improve her memory and ability to focus
  • We’ve motivated Brian to move his body when he previously could or would not
  • We see little miracles like this every day thanks to the healing power of music and the generosity of people like you!