Hopping Into April

Published by Sara Chigani on: Apr 07, 2021 — Music Therapy

Time flies… it’s April! I don’t know about you, but it seems like the year is just flying by! We’re at it again in creating a new song for the month of April. Last month we had “Marching Into March”, this month we have “Hopping Into April”. I had good success with “Marching Into March”, that I thought incorporating more gross motor movements into these monthly songs would help get some energy out and listening for musical cues/following directions. In addition to moving around, the original song discusses what season April is in and the most popular holiday, Easter! Here at KidLinks, we are still doing virtual sessions, so I decided to create a PowerPoint to go along with it. If you are doing in-person sessions, this would be an easy one to adapt and incorporate visual aids, instruments, and even Easter eggs! Just like last month, this song is also great as a starting point to further discuss the different seasons, what makes spring different, and what Easter means. Below is a video with the lyrics to the original song and the PowerPoint I use during my virtual sessions while singing the song. We hope you give this a try in your sessions and as always let us know how it goes!

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC


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