Themes and Themed Sessions

Published by Sara Chigani on: Feb 03, 2021 — General MT Tools & Info, Social Skills & Feelings

As a music therapist, I have been in several early childhood classrooms, and I love session themes and themed sessions. As I walk down the hallways and see themed art hanging on the walls it makes me happy. I love the way a school calendar moves me through the year and celebrates each holiday. I also love a routine but themes are equally comforting to me and give me a great place to start. What I like so much about themes is that they can help create a nice container for sessions. Having a concrete idea that I keep emphasizing in a bunch of different ways helps promote understanding and client success! You can make a theme as obvious as Halloween, Dinosaurs, or as subtle as teamwork, and coping skills/emotions. It all depends on the ages and needs of your clients. Working with the clients at KidLinks, allows us to adjust as we go and find the best interventions "in-the-moment" but it never hurts to have several themed strategies that have a proven track record waiting in my bag just in case.

Gina G. Glidewell, MT-BC


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