Ready Set

Published by Gina Glidewell on: Nov 01, 2016 — Music Therapy

This song began by an inspiration from one of my fellow music therapists. As she told the story about students, and their reactions from an intervention she used with balloons, it sparked the idea for "Ready Set..." After leaving my office, while in route to my Friday schools, the idea for “Ready Set...” hit me. It's crazy how many of my ideas get formulated in my car. I used to keep a cassette player handy for any type of creative inspiration while driving.

Okay, now that I've totally dated myself, and some of you may not know what a cassette player looks like. Here’s a photo of one of my original cassette players. Back in the day, that was high tech.

Anyway, it's easier than ever with a smartphone, in my case it’s an iPhone, to sing ideas into "voice memos" and go back later to develop those song ideas. This song can be used for a wide variety of goals, from stress reduction to practicing oral motor skills to working on gross motor movement. Some other goals that could be addressed are diversion for pain management, expression of feelings, following directions and family interaction and bonding.

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