I Am Kind

Published by Laura Ingrim on: Jun 11, 2024 — General MT Tools & Info, Social Skills & Feelings

Mostly, we are taught from an early age to be kind and compassionate, and to treat others the way we want to be treated. Yet, somewhere along the way in our busy lives, we lose track of our everyday actions. Kindness is contagious, and acts of kindness have the potential to make the world a better place. Practicing kindness and teaching your kids to be kind may also have health benefits such as relieving stress and anxiety and overall changing the energy and emotions around you. When we show kindness, we are healing others and ourselves, one minute at a time. I am a believer that giving kindness and love to yourself allows you to give kindness to others. I hope that you listen and apply the song, “I Am Kind” to your summer schedule. 

Gina G. Glidewell, MT-BC

PS: For another KidLinks song on kindness, check out the song "Be Kind" featuring Paul G. Hill. Listen HERE.