The Music Therapy Process

Published by Gina Glidewell on: Jan 13, 2024 — General MT Tools & Info

Beginning Music Therapy

Learning about the process of music therapy and how it works with the specific needs of clients is good information to possess. The trained Board-Certified Music Therapist determines the exact course of therapy each client receives, which are outlined in the steps below.

Music Therapy: Three Basic Steps

There are three basic steps to the music therapy process. The main purpose of these steps is clear, but how the music therapist performs each step is open, depending on the specific needs of each client.

1. Introduction to Music Therapy

The initial meeting is crucial in deciding the direction the therapy will take. During this meeting, the board-certified music therapist may request information from the parents and/or caregivers, and observe, or interact with the client to get an idea of their specific needs, interests, and behaviors.

2. Setting Goals

Once the therapist has a general idea of the specific needs and interests of the client they draft a plan of action to assist the client in the best way possible. The goals and objectives may be reached with a combination of instruments, singing, and listening depending on the needs of the client.

3. Monitoring the Progress

As part of the music therapy process, the therapist continually monitors, takes data, and shares the progress of the client. They update the goals and objectives of the child’s progress, working with the family along the way to ensure that they are on track to reach their needs. Sharing with parents allows them the opportunity to incorporate the therapist’s suggestions into the daily routines of their child.

Gina G. Glidewell, MT-BC


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