Days of the Week

Published by Sara Chigani on: Nov 08, 2022 — Music Therapy

One thing that has become a staple in my sessions with younger kids, is a days of the week song. I find it’s always helpful to practice saying what day it is and what day it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. In my virtual sessions, I had clients circle what day it was but some of my clients have gotten older to the point where they needed a bit more of a challenge. As a result, I created this visual aid that lists all the days of the week, but instead of circling, it allows the client to trace, or even write independently, what day is being sung. This is not only great for virtual but in-person sessions too! We hope this can be useful in your sessions and let us know how it goes! Happy singing!

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC

Days of the Week


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