Marching Into March

Published by Sara Chigani on: Mar 03, 2021 — Music Therapy

Spring is just around the corner! If you live in Texas, like we do here at KidLinks, I hope you and yours are well after the crazy winter storm we had roll in towards the end of February. I think with all the trials that storm brought us, a lot of us are thankful to be looking ahead to March! To continue my theme of creating original songs that address the new month, I have created a new song, video with lyrics, and Boom Card to accompany the intervention. March is such a wonderful month because the weather is starting to become warmer, the trees slowly begin to sprout, and it’s nice to see all the brown turn to green. This is a great time to introduce new beginnings and a fresh start. In this original song, I have incorporated various events that characterize March like spring, St. Patrick’s Day, and that the month has 31 days. I created this song with a musical march feel in mind (ha!). I wanted to incorporate an encouragement to move in the song to help kiddos engage with the song physically as well as visually with the Boom Card. This song is great because you can adapt it to your kiddo(s)’s need and just stick with the Boom Card or you can have the kiddo(s) stand up and march along with you throughout the song. Not only that, but it incorporates a jumping section at the end to get any wiggle worms out, but you can very easily change the movement to fit the need. Feel free to give this song a try if it works with your client’s goals or adapting it as needed. If you would like the chords to the song or have any trouble accessing the Boom Card, just let us know! Happy marching!

Link to Boom Card: (please use: 4ypa if the link asks for a PIN)

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC


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