Mmmmunchies on Monday!

Published by Sara Chigani on: Sep 02, 2020 — Music Therapy

Munchies on Monday Intervention Guide

Here at KidLinks we have a long list of great songs, created by wonderful musicians, to be used within the early childhood population. Those songs, include several that were written by music therapists, for music therapists! In my own experience, it can be difficult to find good, quality songs that I can use in my sessions. However, KidLinks has such a range of songs that can be used for so many different music therapy goals. It’s all about finding which song fits your kiddo’s need and adapting it as needed.

One of those songs is called, “Munchies on Monday”. It was written by Cora Lansdowne, an amazing music therapist and longtime friend to KidLinks. “Munchies on Monday” is a super catchy song that works on various sounds like; m, p, and b. It also addresses alliteration and can even address expressive language, with a little adapting. I’ve also included a couple of great resources that go into further detail regarding expressive language and teaching the m, b, and p sounds.

Below is an intervention guide for “Munchies on Monday” that breaks down goals and the procedure, as well as adaptations. We hope you’ll give this a try in your sessions and be sure to let us know how it goes! Stay safe and have fun!

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC


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Munchies on Monday Songwriting Guide


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