Frogs and Feelings

Published by Sara Chigani on: Mar 03, 2020 — Music Therapy

Here at KidLinks, we have a group of extremely talented musicians who are dedicated to writing, producing, and recording songs geared towards younger kiddos. These songs address various things a kiddo may experience throughout their growth. Additionally, they are high quality and extremely catchy! These songs are great for parents to use at home or in the car when they want to help their child engage, thus promoting development. These songs are also great for music therapists to use (and adapt, if you’d like) in their early childhood sessions. Because these songs originate with early childhood in mind, they’re great for music therapists to use while taking the intent further and incorporating early childhood goals and objectives.

One example of taking these songs further is the intervention included in this post, “The Frog Song”. Music therapists may find this song great to use in early childhood sessions as it addresses emotions, but in a fun (and sometimes silly) way. Music therapists can use this song to playfully explore emotional awareness, as that can be a complex topic at times. Music therapists may also work on verbalization as this song allows for plenty of responses throughout. Feel free to take this song even further or simplify it for your specific client’s needs. The included intervention guide overviews the objectives, procedure, and even a few adaptations. Be sure to explore our website with more original songs and more!

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC

The Frog Song MT Intervention


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