HCN, Songwriting, & Music Therapy

Published by Gina Glidewell on: Aug 15, 2018 — Music Therapy

I am especially proud of KidLinks for supporting HCN and music therapy, as well as for clients that are willing to put in the hard work during songwriting sessions. One of my clients comes to the music therapy clinic with unresolved anger, rage, and challenging emotional/behavioral issues. I’ve had the honor of helping use music in a way that reflects her feelings of hurt and betrayal. We created the song, “You Left Me” using GarageBand to capture many of her feelings about the death of her grandmother. We posted a video of the song development to our Music Therapy for Families page.

KidLinks support of HCN and Music Therapy continues to be an invaluable resource for children and families in our global community.

Update: HCN is now KidLinks. See here for more information.


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