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Published by Gina Glidewell on: Jul 15, 2017 — Music Therapy

I agree with Cora Lansdowne and her sentiments about working with families at KidLinks. It is an honor and privilege to assist families through music therapy and Hugworks. What I have received from the families that I serve, far exceeds anything that I could have imagined as a young student sitting in the classrooms at Texas Woman’s University. Through the generous donors that support KidLinks’ mission and music therapy, I have gained a longitudinal look into the acquisition of skills that can occur over time.

Currently, one of my long time clients is Hayden Rogers. I started working with Hayden when he was 5 years old and that was about nine years ago. Hayden had a stroke in utero when he was born and the prognosis was unknown for the Rogers family at that time. One of the things I remember hearing is that Brad, Hayden’s dad, said, “We will give him the best life that we can.” Hayden’s parents are living examples of super, fantastic parents and they are giving him a wonderful life. Hayden is such a unique person with so many musical gifts. Because of the stroke and the affected parts of his brain, he has challenges on the right side of his body. However, during music therapy sessions, Hayden’s left brain and body come alive as the unaffected part of his brain begins to show off. Hayden has a propensity to play melodies on the piano, that he hears on the radio, in the same key, with correct notes and correct rhythmic feel. He is also blessed with perfect pitch. Take a look into Hayden’s world told beautifully by his mom Kimberly.

I have experienced so much through Hayden’s love of music. I can not quantify all the objectives that we have worked on over the years but to say that I am proud of him is an understatement. I am a very fortunate music therapists and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to be part of such an amazing young man’s journey.

Update: Hugworks is now Kidlinks. See here for more information.


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