Munchies on Monday

Published by KidLinks on: Sep 01, 2016 — Music Therapy

I wrote Munchies On Monday several years ago for a little girl with apraxia of speech. She was working on the “m” sound, and one day, the song (fortunately) just came to me. I wanted to make it silly and fun with as many “m” words as possible. Initially, the idea was not that she would say/sing ALL the “m” words in one sitting, but that while I sang, she would see and hear so many “m” words that she’d have tons of modeling and plenty of time to form and make the “m” sound herself. She watched me like a hawk as I sang and laughed at the end of the song every time. Whaaat??

It’s my hope that this song is accessible enough to use as a base for making up more verses with different sounds… For instance, how about... I like to share shamrocks with Sheila… or I like to laugh loudly with Larry… Hey! I might use that one! And for kiddos who are not working on oral motor skills, the lyrics create vivid enough imagery to draw and then giggle about together. Bonding at its best and a great way to spark conversation. Have fun using your imagination to practice those cockleburry consonants with crackly coconuts in a fun way!

By Cora Lansdowne, MME, MT-BC


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