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Like Brand New shares the importance of what we can to "build" a better world. We can create a more peaceful and healthier planet by recycling, helping others, donating money to worthy causes, and talking about needs and issues with our friends and family. This fun fingerprint craft shows us that our mark on the earth is all over, and we can do our part to make it a better place!

Supplies Needed

  • Paper plate
  • Paint


  1. Create an outline of the earth on the paper plate
  2. Have a child dip their fingerprints in green and blue to reflect the earth’s surface
  3. As they create these areas, talk about what they can do to protect the ocean and land.

As you work on this craft, listen to Like Brand New

Conversation starters

  • Why does the earth need our help?
  • Would you rather pick up garbage in the park on pick up garbage by the ocean?
  • How can you help to take care of the earth?
  • What's something we can do together to make the Earth more beautiful?
  • What's your favorite thing to do outside?

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