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Hospitals can be scary for kids, so let’s try to get them comfortable and talk about the experience with this hospital-inspired sensory table! With the help of a playful song and interactive activity, children can learn that doctors aren’t so scary and know what to expect from start to finish. Take some time to get them comfortable with the instruments doctor’s use; we even created a doctor intake form for children to fill out so they can let you know how they are feeling and if there are things you need to talk to the doctor about for their upcoming visit!


  • Cotton balls
  • Doctor play kit
  • Books on doctors
  • Clipboard for our “intake” printable
  • We also put together a mini gauze center where you can “bandage” a doll.

This activity table can be catered to whatever medical condition or specific doctor appointment you are prepping a child for.


  1. Simply fill your sensory table or put together a basket of medical supplies mentioned above.
  2. Take time to put things in a place that they can explore when it feels comfortable for the child.
  3. Go through the intake form for the child or an imaginary friend
  4. Use the gauze area to wrap up a doll’s boo boo

As you work on this craft, listen to Hospital Rap

Conversation starters

  • What are three things you can do for someone who is sick?
  • Would you rather have one eye in the middle of your head or two noses? Why?
  • If you could change one thing about going to the doctor what would it be?

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