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Song Information

Children At Heart is a song with a powerful message about taking time to take care of your inner child. No matter your age, we sometimes need a reminder about how the free-spirited side of childhood needs to be a part of our everyday lives. So, take the time to check in on yourself, look at how you can forgive yourself, look at positive aspects of your day, and how to nurture yourself with this impactful printable for use every day.

Supplies Needed

  • Printable provided
  • Laminate sheets
  • Dry erase markers
  • Clipboard
Children at Heart Printable


  1. Print up the printable
  2. Use laminated sheets to make it a reusable daily check-in
  3. Add the sheets to a clipboard and make a mental health check-in area
  4. Every night, check-in with yourself and think about how you are feeling, what has helped with your inner child, and acknowledge what is happening in your life in a proactive way.

As you work on this craft, listen to Children At Heart

Conversation starters

  1. What inspired you today?
  2. What challenges did you overcome?
  3. What are you grateful for today?
  4. How could you do even better tomorrow?
  5. How did you show your best self today?

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