Munchies on Monday Remix

Published by Sara Chigani on: Oct 12, 2021 — Music Therapy

Can you believe fall is here again? Although I am always ready for cooler temperatures here in North Texas, I can’t believe how fast time flies! Not only do I love the cooler temperatures, I also love incorporating the seasons and holidays into my sessions. Lately I’ve been racking my brain to create an intervention that provides lots of opportunities to practice various letter sounds. I was combing the internet for a song to use as a springboard and I found it right in the KidLinks backyard! Our song “Munchies on Monday” was written by a past music therapist, Cora Lansdowne. I’ve always loved this song because it incorporates a few sounds that are often challenging for kiddos, it’s silly, and is super catchy. Additionally, it is a great song that you can substitute any letter you’re wanting to work on, which is exactly what I did. I added in the letters; s, m, r, and p. And because I thought I’d work in a little Halloween-type sound, I remixed the song in a minor key to make it sound a tiny bit “spooky”. This is a great reminder of how great KidLinks songs are because of their ability to be adjusted to fit any objective. To go along with the song, I created a visual aid that you can use as well. Visual aid is also great because it can be used to address sight words if that fits into your client’s goals. We hope you give this a try and, as always, feel free to adapt as necessary. Let us know how it goes! Happy fall y’all!

Check out the original song here:

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC


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