Proven Benefits of Music Therapy

Published by Leigh Trevino on: Jun 07, 2021 — Music Therapy

Since the earliest days of humankind, music and the power of music, has been evident to us. After World War II, a new profession entered the arena called music therapy. Music therapy interventions focus on enhancing social, communicative, motor/sensory, emotional, and academic/cognitive functioning in individuals. Music therapy services are based on each client’s individual abilities, noting preferences, needs, the family’s values, beliefs, and priorities. Music therapists work in partnership with clients, families, and teams. The following are some of what we know through clinical trials and current research.

Proven Benefits of Music Therapy

  1. Music therapy reduces anxiety and physical effects of stress
  2. It improves healing and emotional wellness
  3. Music therapy reduces depression and other symptoms
  4. It helps to reduce symptoms of psychological disorders
  5. Music therapy improves self-expression and communication
  6. Music therapy assists in cognitive learning and retrieving information

The KidLinks organization is dedicated to helping children and one of the ways we do is to support music therapy. Please reach out to us if you have questions about music therapy. We would love the chance to connect with you!

Gina G. Glidewell, MT-BC


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