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Published by Sara Chigani on: Apr 08, 2020 — Music Therapy

Last month we posted a blog about implementing a schedule into your sessions. Using a schedule in your sessions is a great way to keep kiddos on track and give them a preview of what to expect that day. That post was more specific regarding a visual schedule, but written or visual having a schedule is helpful, nonetheless. If you would like revisit that blog post you can here, As we know the benefits of having a schedule, I think it’s a great technique for music therapists to utilize for themselves. During these days of quarantine and social distancing, it can be very easy to lose track of the days, your tasks, and time. Just as we keep our sessions on track, we too can for our daily lives during this moment in time.

I’m definitely a night owl and could sleep in for hours, given the chance, however I’ve written out a daily workday schedule that has greatly helped keep me on track. I’ve included everything from washing dishes, doing laundry, music therapy course work, clinical music therapy work, lunch, and even exercise. I am also one that loves to cross things off my “to-do list” when completed. Putting everything I need to do that day in a schedule not only keeps me from procrastinating, but it gives me great satisfaction to cross something off my list giving me motivation to keep going. If you’re experiencing trouble with time management, forgetting the tasks you have to complete, or lack of motivation I encourage you try creating a daily schedule for yourself and see where that leads. I’ve included a sample schedule that you can take and make your own. Don’t forget to schedule your self-care time as well. Have fun and be well!

Sara Chigani, MA, MT-BC

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