KidLinks Receives North Texas Giving Day Partnership Prize

Published by Leigh Trevino on: Sep 20, 2019 — General

On Thursday, September 12th, KidLinks was awarded the $10,000 Partnership Prize by Communities Foundation of Texas and The Dallas Foundation sponsor during the #NTxGivingDay Opening Ceremony 2019! Words can't describe how unbelievably thankful we are for this very generous gift. We will now more than ever be able to help ensure the messages of healing, hope and happiness continue to improve the daily experiences of hospitalized and special needs children when they need it most.

We'd like to send a sincere thank you to the the North Texas Giving Day 2019 Honorary Chairs Dirk Nowitzki and Jessica Nowitzki and the CFT team for all their support! As well as the amazing North Texas community!

Read The Dallas Morning News article highlighting KidLinks' acceptance of the prize.

Honorary Chairs Dirk and Jessica Nowitzki encourage North Texans to give in this Fox 4 News video.

Two women hold a large check made out to KidLinks for $10,000
Our Director of Development and Communications, Maya Lechowick accepted the $10,000 check on behalf of KidLinks.


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