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Press Release: Our Redesigned Online Platform

Published by KidLinks on: Nov 14, 2018 — Events

DALLAS— November 15, 2018—For more than three decades, KidLinks, a nonprofit organization that provides healing, hope and happiness for children and families, recently launched its redesigned online platform, The redesigned website enables KidLinks to increase its Therapeutic Music Entertainment (TME) programs and allows its board-certified music therapists to provide in-depth music therapy resources for more children across the country.

In its history, continuous support from generous donors has enabled KidLinks’ musicians to perform in hospitals and special care centers, has funded university-level Music Therapy training and has provided free/low cost treatment programs for children in need. Today, KidLinks is able to reach all children through the power of media and song via its modernized online KidLinks platform, previously known as Hugworks Children’s Network (HCN), for times when they can’t be there in person. In order to appeal to every hospital partner, child and family, the revamped KidLinks platform is now more accessible and is mobile-friendly. Users will find the website to be brighter, more readable and fun when accessing Therapeutic Music Entertainment and clinical Music Therapy resources.

“I am proud to be a part of an organization that serves patients in need who are looking for the highest quality of care but may not have the financial means to visit a large hospital or therapy center,” said KidLinks Executive Director Diana Crawford. “With the newly updated website, navigation will be simplified creating a more cohesive user experience. We will be more searchable, organized and better showcase our songbooks.”

KidLinks is also working with a variety of platforms including YouTube, iTunes and Spotify to distribute the animated videos and songs. Subjects include coping with loss or change, dealing with low self-esteem, how to express feelings, the importance of teamwork and friendship, providing comfort, growing and developing the imagination, motivation and encouragement, the environment, pets and animals, caring and kindness, restfulness and more.

KidLinks partners with hospitals as a resource to help each child and family feel and do their best, and the website includes a portal for each partner for patients to log into. Instead of waiting until their next visit, children across the country can now access the latest in secure, child-safe, engaging online media delivery, and enjoy inspiring original music and animated sing-along videos. The redesigned website provides more information about KidLinks’ partnerships and the expanded services provided to partner organizations. A ‘Community of Practice’ tab serves as a hub for all things Music Therapy, including: articles, case studies, useful links, documents, thought pieces and Music Therapy FAQs. There is also a new section on the site dedicated to showcasing personal stories and client testimonials designed to unite the KidLinks community.


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