Off To A Great Start!

Published by KidLinks on: Jan 01, 2018 — General

We have hit the ground running in 2018, and we are off to a great start! Check out some highlights and upcoming events:

We were honored once again last week to complete a mini-tour in Southeast Texas. We were able to provide Therapeutic Music Entertainment programs and distribute audio CDs, animated DVDs and rhythm shakers for over 200 kiddos and caregivers. Our travels took us to Baptist Hospital of Southeast Texas in Beaumont, to Shriners Children’s Hospital – Burn Center, UT Medical Branch John Sealy Hospital, and Moody Memorial First Church’s Day School in Galveston. As always, when we sing with and for children, we had singers, shakers & smilers.

All of us at KidLinks are grateful to all of our donors and grantors, who make it possible for us to continue our therapeutic music and media services for so many. Thanks to all of you for your generosity – together, we are making a difference!

We received an email asking if we still sold our albums. They touched us with their experience of our mission and it just so happens that we are re-creating their story in a video. Stay tuned to see how it all turns out!

The 8th Annual Symphony of Chefs will take place on February 26^th! A Global Fare will dress the night for guests as they embark on a culinary excursion with their chef's region of choice. From Southern flare, all the way to Tuscany and Japan; our chefs will help make this night an evening of culinary excellence!

We are collaborating with one of our hospital partners, Cook Children’s, on a live recording session for their littlest patients! The guys from HCN: Jim, Paul, Josh, Luqman, and Willy are coming back to record an hour-long concert singing the songs you love from Hugworks Children’s Network. Kids who are able will have the opportunity to join in on the fun right in the studio! For the kiddos who are bed bound and unable to leave their room, the concert will be broadcast straight to their televisions .

March is Child Life Month, and KidLinks would like to offer a special salute to this wonderful group of professionals. Since our initiation into the world of working with hospitalized children almost 35 years ago, Child Life Specialists have been a guiding force for us. They have offered invaluable direction as we wrote songs and developed musical programs, helping us understand the messages most important to deliver to the fragile children in their care. To this day, we have a team of Child Life Specialists who review every song prior to its deployment on Hugworks Children’s Network to ensure we are capturing the therapeutic messages that are healthy for kids. THANK YOU!

The KidLinks Board of Directors (BOD) expanded as we welcomed five (5) new members to the team. KidLinks has also added a brand-new leadership role, serving on the Advisory Council (AC) are three (3) new members. We are excited for the expansion of our leadership team and the expertise all of our BOD and AC members bring to the table as KidLinks continues to grow.

2018 KidLinks Board of Directors and Advisory Council Members are: J.W. Brown, President & Board Chair, Jesse Betts, Wes Butler, Jeanne Dillon, Adam Hall, Janice Kane, James Markus, and Vineeta Vogel. Advisory Council members are: Jon Glass, Grant Hollingsworth and Courtney Kraft.

All of these events are happening because of the gracious people in our lives who believe in this work and strive to help KidLinks reach more kids every day! We are forever grateful for you, Thank you!


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