All Mine

Published by KidLinks on: Apr 15, 2017 — Music Therapy

Gina and I tossed around titles for this song for a long time and landed on All Mine because, well, it’s a little leading. When you saw the title, some of you probably thought it would be about sharing, or social awareness. But instead, it’s about moving our bodies!

This song is malleable enough to be one, two or three separate songs. If your client needs to work on hand motions, just stop the song after the first section to just work on hands. Same goes with foot motions - just isolate the middle section. The last section can be used as a song for facial parts and also to practice signing simple social expressions (thank you, please, bless you) as well as discovering the many ways we use our mouth.

All Mine is energized by a driving instrumental accompaniment, but is repetitive and lyrically slow enough for clients who might need extra time. This is also a useful song to verbally label actions through a phrase, “I can ____”, which is a good expressive language goal. It goes without saying that if you have a client with physical restrictions, feel free to change the words/actions to suit their needs and situation. We have an instrumental version available so that you can do just that. Have fun showing your clients all about their hands, feet, face, voice, mouth… so that they can discover through music and movement what is truly “all mine”.

By Cora Lansdowne, MME, MT-BC


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