KidLinks 2017 Annual Report Now Online!

Published by KidLinks on: Apr 18, 2018 — Reports

We are so blessed for the support that enabled KidLinks to reach, in person, over 8,000 children, family members and caregivers in 2017!

Many children were helped directly through Jim and Paul's delivery of KidLinks Therapeutic Music Entertainment programming, many children were served through the Music Therapy programming that our two board-certified Music Therapists, Gina and Cora, conduct weekly and many, many more were served through our online platform which had a record 19,000 site visits. We are so grateful for everyone who was a part of the KidLinks team - our donors, sponsors and partners for their generous support, our amazing Board of Directors for their time and their strategic leadership and for so many wonderful volunteers who help us all through the year! Together, you made it all possible!

Review the year 2017 and what we accomplished together in the 2017 KidLinks Annual Report!


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