KidLinks 2016 Annual Report Now Available Online

Published by KidLinks on: May 17, 2017 — Reports

2016 was a great year at KidLinks! It is our mission to link kids to health and healing through music and media and over 2,700 kids (not including family members and caregivers) were served directly by KidLinks Therapeutic Music Entertainers and our two Board Certified Music Therapists; our online platform,, was visited over 10,000 times; and we launched a new Music Therapy Channelwithin Hugworks Children’s Network for professionals and families - written by our two board-certified Music Therapists, Gina and Cora. Our thanks to all everyone who is a part of the KidLinks team - donors, sponsors, Board and volunteers!

Here’s a look at 2016 and what we accomplished together: click for 2016 KidLinks Annual Report


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