How we began

Our goal is to provide healing experiences for children of all ages through performing arts, music and media. Over the decades, we've fulfilled this mission by providing Therapeutic Music Entertainment at hundreds of hospitals and special care centers, bringing a bit of hope and fun wherever we've gone.

But we always wanted to do more. We believe that children should have access to the healing power of music anytime, anywhere. And the adults who love and care for these children should also be able to learn about and experience the therapeutic benefits of music.

Our "Clubhouse" for the 21st century

KidLinks enables children to enjoy inspiring original music, animated and sing-along videos and character-building activities. This content can ease fears prior to admission, provide comfort while hospitalized and inspire long after discharge.

Parents should feel good about letting their children explore KidLinks whether they have an identified special need or not. All content is reviewed and approved by Early Childhood Specialists prior to going live.

With our messages of self-worth, inclusion and happiness, we want children and their families to think of KidLinks as a kind of Clubhouse for the 21st century. Our door is always open. KidLinks is a place where kids can go to have some fun, feel safe and know that they are not alone.

How It Works:

The music and messages which have been lovingly created by our team, along with content by other amazing artists, have been distributed across a wide variety of platforms, including iTunes, Spotify, YouTube, and more. You can also find all of our resources right here on the website. For your convenience, we have organized the songs into broad categories, such as Imagination and Healing. For a complete listing of all KidLinks songs and corresponding categories, subcategories, and messaging, please download the KidLinks Music Database.

The songs in the Music Therapy category have an accompanying "Song Crate", which includes worksheets and resources created by our Music Therapists.

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